7 things I’ve learned about nutrition and “eating right”

On my quest to becoming a healthier me, I’ve realized I don’t just need to move more to get healthier. I should probably that bag of chips for some vegetables. Ugh, but why?

Why is “eating right” so hard?

I partially blame it on the endless options and opinions out there on what constitutes “good nutrition.” And the food “trends” just make everything worse. Is gluten free everything really any better for you?

I grew up eating what is (or maybe used to be) the typical American diet: Meat, starch, and the minimal acceptable amount of produce. I loved soda. Growing up in an Asian household, rice was its own food group.

But as I get older, my body just can’t handle the junk it used to. I now have serious regrets when I eat an entire cheesecake (yes, I’ve done this multiple times…). So I’m relearning how to eat food that not only tastes good but makes me feel good, food that fuels me and doesn’t just squash that grumbling noise in my stomach.

It’s definitely a daily struggle but these seven tips have helped me stay on track:

  1. Don’t eat when you’re bored : I blame it on smartphones: I’m never simply content just doing one thing at a time. I need to be constantly entertained. If I’m Netflixing and slightly bored I’ll scroll through my phone, and when I’m bored with both of those I eat mindlessly. Instead of just policing myself, I’m trying to practice mindfulness and just enjoy doing one thing in the moment.
  2. Don’t buy that thing you want. You know what I’m talking about: For me it’s chips. If I’m hungry shopping, I cave and buy them. I gotta stop hungry shopping.
  3. Plan ahead: In order to avoid impulse buying In and Out, I’m trying to plan my meals somewhat in advance. I’m not great at this but I’m starting by having simple ingredients on hand for simple meals.
  4. Cooking is not that hard: While I’m a terrible planner, I do love cooking. So it’s really not a chore for me! I do hate dishes though…
  5. Buy on sale, in season: I’m on an extremely limited budget, so buying out-of-season, organic strawberries is never an option of me. But in-season strawberries are. And they are soooo much tastier.
  6. Stop limiting yourself then going HAM when it’s “cheat day”: I’ve never had a “cheat day” because, let’s be honest, most of my days are cheat days. But my friends who have tried this act like they’re suffering 6 out of  7 days a week then go crazy for junk food on day 7. I ask them “Why are you torturing yourself like that?”
  7. Learn to enjoy food: Speaking of, when did eating become such a chore? There are a million ways to eat vegetables, so why are you continuing to get that boring salad that you hate eat? I’m never going to stick to healthy habits if I hate them.

2 thoughts on “7 things I’ve learned about nutrition and “eating right”

  1. What a nice blog! You have a very personal, relate-able style; it’s a nice balance between “yeah, I got this” and “dang, this bleep is hard.” I like your layout and the theme you chose, along with the fonts. Your list made it easy to ready/skim (I read the whole thing and was aware of the benefit of the lists and the use of bold). Really nice! Cindy CS5711


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