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My personal record and why comparing yourself to others is useless

Have you ever finished a great workout, felt super accomplished and strong and then looked to the girl next to you and thought “Sh*t, she/he’s better than me.” I know I have.

That girl next to me has really great arms, flat abs, and a killer squat all while looking effortlessly non-sweaty and not exhausted. I should be admiring her but instead I’m comparing myself to her.

We all do this from time to time in any facet of our lives.  It’s when you start letting these comparisons shape your perception of yourself that it gets unhealthy.

Having not been very athletic in the past, it’s hard for me not  to compare myself to other girls who are stronger, more toned, and more active with seemingly little effort. That insecurity has negatively impacted my motivation to workout in the past. It’s a daily struggle, but today I had something of revelation on my fitness journey.

I’ve been disappointed so far with weightlifting that I haven’t gotten the impressive numbers that all the other girls at my gym seem to have. But today I hit a PR (personal record) on my deadlift: 137 pounds for one at 103 pounds (my weight). Not bad for a relative novice.

I’m realizing just how useless it is to compare your body to someone else’s. Your body will always be your body. And if you treat it right, it’s capable of amazing things!

Everyone’s body is different and capable of different things. I don’t like not being good (or the best) at something but I’m realizing each week I train more, my body is pretty awesome and pretty strong on it’s own.

And bonus, I even made it on my boyfriend’s business Facebook page!



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