Mental Health

Figuring out what’s next

I was planning on writing this week about my recent squat and deadlift PRs and yada yada yada but life got in the way.

I probably mentioned that my boyfriend is a personal trainer. We broke up this week, and instead of working on my squats and deadlifts I’m taking time to grieve and cope.

I won’t get into the specifics of what happened but he meant a lot to me, both as a boyfriend and on my fitness journey. He motivated me to be the best version of myself I could be and I will miss that.

He played a big role in why I got into weightlifting in the first place and why I became motivated to chronicle my pursuit of an active lifestyle. But just because he can’t be part of my life anymore doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying.

Taking on this new challenge has made me a happier and overall more confident person. I might have to find a new routine and a new gym (suggestions in the comments below would be greatly appreciated!).

I’ve found something that makes me happy and healthy, and I’m thankful to my boyfriend for that. I might not be writing on here for awhile because I need time – to heal and to adjust. It feels unnatural letting go of someone so significant to me and who influenced this blog so much.

So I’m on a break for now while I figure out what’s next. Thanks for reading along.



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